Hack Attack

—I woke up sitting at a computer, with the Pentagon’s login screen in front of me and a burning desire to hack it again. It was weird, it was like getting in was all I could think about. Before I knew it, I was in the system and hacking hard.

I knew just where I wanted to go, even though it was in a part of the system I’d never touched before. Strange, but I couldn’t fight the urge, even if I noticed how distinctly unnatural it was.

Then I closed my eyes for a moment—and when I opened them, I was looking at the Kremlin’s login screen. And the weird part was, I could suddenly understand the Russian.

I felt a burning desire to hack this site, too, and so I did—but I also opened a browser tab to do some egosurfing, see what the latest news stories were about me.

Imagine my surprise when I read on CNN that I had disappeared without a trace two weeks ago.

But then I forgot all about it for the moment—I suddenly felt a strange compulsion to hack the United Nations mainframe.

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