Teh Tail of teh Frogs und teh Humanity und teh Congo Line to Infinity [Spam Challenge]

I ask of you. How could htey? teh Frogs hoppped upon the creek towards new homes, as if to leave teh bigger noise behind>

Teh lead frog hops onta the largest rock in all humanity that has ever seen. So she croaks to them of INSPIRaTION!!!! and they all go to their imaginary beds.

Look into the distance, my son. There lies a swamp. And this wasteland started going towards the graveyard! This land of “wastes”, cursed by human hands, pushed my frogs away.

Many frogs go towards heaven’s door. Less of them go towards new homes, a simple detour.

Large men, in line, pound poles through a decaying tree. Hour, after minute, he makes work. Teh tree stays, stuck to rails. Teh trees start to do the congo, one line to infinite and beyond, they say!

Teh Swamp and Frogs are gone. The Tree conga-line-to-infinity stays, decays!

The sun is, again, lowly, lonely he drops away, and the rains choose this moment to fall, in despair, a failed suicide.

And the frogs hup, hup, hup-to 3 4… away to new homes. To infinite

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