Music-Hearted's Withdrawal Symptoms

Music-Hearted collapsed into her computer seat after a hard morning’s work of Summer Health class. Logging onto the internet, she quickly typed in a website:

However, as soon as she got there, she was not greeted by the cheerful homepage. Instead, she was aware of a screen saying “Ouch, that hurt!”

Anxiety coursed through her veins. “No,” she whispered, eyes wide. She clicked the back button and tried again. “Log in… please work…”

This went on for quite a while as she tried again and again to access the website she was so fond of. Denial, surely. Perhaps this was like the five stages of grief she had learned about.

Days or years passed; she could no longer could tell. She tripped through the internet searching for something to fill the Ficlets void, but to no avail.

One day, on a whim, she decided to try Ficlets once more. Just in case. Her eyes widened with disbelief as she found herself able to log in. It… worked!

She clicked “write”, and was finally home.

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