Sex, Ghosts and Piano lessons.(Save yoour love AKA Spam Challenge)

â€?I know yeer mullered and got a bit o’ the brewer’s drop, ye dun ave to be indy jones to prove i’m not a right old slag, for shite sake i am still in me teens ya shold b’ lucky ya don’t have to shell out ye old plonkerâ€?
“No! Aggie i want to see the inside of that place, i mean the stories..wowâ€?
“just one ole nonce ever went in that gaff and he was about to be grassed up fer stillin 200 pounds from the boys choir fund and spent the lolly on a pro twat that he thought fancied himâ€?
“I’da ran too.â€?
â€? The only luv to see im’ go ther was the blind ole slag Ms shooler.â€?
“Aggie she is sweetâ€?
“she’s so blind and daft that when me mum made me take piano. I would put a yard gnome on the bench, and turn on a record, while her 3 grandsons gave me a bit of a “how’s your fatherâ€? in the same room.â€?
“Aggie you play piano?â€?
“The gobshite said i was her best pupil, you wanker, there are no ghostsâ€?
“Then it won’t hurt us to look?â€?
“I hope she was blind, the old window lickerâ€?
“she wasâ€?

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