Mom was still in the room as Tyler’s parents fussed with him and the doctor. I had gotten up to give them as much room as they wanted and I was standing near my mom.

“He’s really cute.” My mom whipsered to me once again. “You really like him.”

I blushed because I knew it wasn’t a question and our love for each other was visible to all those around us, but I answered her anyways, “Very, very much…”

“Oh Rose… My baby…” She turn towards me and had tears in her eyes. “Your only 15…”

“Mom…” I took her hands in mine. “I know you think I’m too young… I don’t even understand it myself…”

I gazed at Tyler who looked up and smiled blissfully at me even though I was positive he was in pain from his broken leg. My mom wrapped me up in her arms, sensing the tear in my eyes and knowing that I couldn’t let Tyler see.

While hugging me she whispered the words that were haunting me and causing the tears in my eyes, “How will you two stay together when we leave New York?”

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