Talk With Kevin

I stood by myself off to the side, wondering why Nick had taken Wesley outside to talk. The next thing I knew, Kevin was standing in front of me.

“You look lonely. Come dance with us,” he offered.

“Kevin,” I sighed, “I need to talk to you about something.”

Kevin immediately became worried. He began walking toward the back of the room and I followed.

“What is it?” he asked once we were in the back.

“I…I really like Nick. But, I don’t know if he likes me back. We umm…we kissed. But I’m still not sure!”

Kevin laughed. “Emily, Nick has been happier since he met you than he’s ever been. He’s a really shy person. You have no idea how much he’s opened up since he met you. Can’t you tell how crazy he is about you?!”

“But,” I protested, “I’m no famous girl. I’m just…regular.”

At this, Kevin’s expression became serious. He leaned down, his face close to mine. “Don’t you ever think less of yourself because of that. You’re a better person than half the actresses and singers out there.”

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