The Writer Finds a Companion...Well, Somewhat.

What possessed me to drive into the Godforsaken desert, I’ll never know. It was horribly hot, and I would much have rather stayed inside my lovely cool cabin.

But no. The good side of Aidan told her to keep driving, see what had gotten the vultures so revved up.

I had parked the cranky old truck a few yards from where the vultures were, just to make sure nothing stuck to the tires I had slaved over last week.

Out here, you seldom get help with your car. Ha, you seldom get help with anything! You have to drive into town (what an understatement) to get the slightest thing.

What I had seen on the ground had shocked and scared me.

I wasn’t sure if the guy was even dead! He certainly looked dead to me. The vultures, of course, were attracted by the prospect of possible food.

They’re greedy birds, but useful, I find.

And, being the stupid girl I am, I took him home, not even considering who the hell he is.

Now, he’s asleep on my couch. Quite peacefully, too.

Just peachy.

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