Marks Encounter

“We got an genu-wine cowboy” Eric said

Jason climbed out from behind the wheel, pushed his sunglasses atop his head and stood with hands on his hips, then said “Who are you, old man, the town clown?”

Mark rested one hand on the ivory inlaid gun butt. “You boys got business in town?”

Eric said, “You the town sheriff?”

Mark cast his slate gray eyes at Eric and said, “No, but I help the sheriff keep the peace.”

“Why don’t you just toddle off old man – go back to the nut farm you came from.” said Jason, as he started around Mark.

Mark puffed out his chest and stepped in front of Jason. “You just hold on….” he never finished as Jason shoved Mark in the chest and sent him flying.

Mark landed hard on his rump, his mock six guns spilling out across the sidewalk. Eric scooped up one of the guns and examined it. “Look at this Jason. It ain’t even real.” he tossed the gun to Jason.

Addressing Mark Jason said, “Ain’t you a little old to be playing cowboy?” he twirlled the gun on his finger.

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