Death Witnesses a Life-Giving Miracle

In a breath we were back in the alley with Mira, the little girl, & the cat. He looked from myself to Samantha, confused. She bent down to stroke the cat’s chin, then straightened up to embrace her friend with a few whispered words.
“Is this the girl, Jeff?” I nodded, trying not to clutch my chest in pain. Samantha sat on the old mattress, her face softening. She stroked the girl’s cheek with a mother’s tenderness. Finally she cradled the girl in her arms, motioning for the cat to sit by her. She sweetly sang a quiet lullaby in an unfamiliar language, rocking ever so slightly. Mira perched herself next to Samantha, joining in perfect harmony. It was a beautiful scene to behold, but the longer I watched the more my chest screamed in agony.
Finally, just at the point of lost hope, the girl stirred in Samantha’s arms & sat up. Looking around, she saw the cat gazing at her, gave a squeal of joy, & embraced the purring feline.
Suddenly, in a flurry of pain, I collapsed, with a deep voice ringing in my ears.

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