Never Explain Makes Headway.

Ne turned away and heard, a very small voice escaping, the lifeless Sparrow.
“Pardon me?”
“msnzsnn mmmmn”
Sparrow rose to her feet, and said, ” If a samurai losses her head in battle, she should be able do one more move without hesitation.”
Her liquid sword saturated the body of Never Explain.
“And that is the way of the samurai.”
Sparrow stumbled out of the tunnel and the Power Puffs and Wall Doll grabbed her.
“Oh my god what happened to you?”
“Loosing my life was worth it to get these.” She said as she held up the heads of, Thx, and Never Explain.
“Hey how did she kill Thx he was with us.”
“She used the liquid blade.”
Krully hollered from the tunnel, “Save those heads, we might be able to use one of em to reanimate the headless Eckhart i have in my garage.”

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