Harold and Thelma

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

“Oh, Herold. It was neither dark nor stormy. It was in the middle of a beautiful sunny day.” Thelma said.

“The vampire bats were circling under a blood red moon.”

“Herold, you are going to scare the grandchildren with your nonsense.

Herold, with his teeth hidden in his fist, grinned at the children. They shreaked with fear and delight.

“The werewolves howled at the bloody moon.”

“More likely a train whistle” Thelma uttered.

“We had wandered into Transylvania by accident. The home of Count Dracula.”

“We were in Hawaii” Thema added.

“Criters arose from the earth with sharp fangs, trying to bite us.”

“I believe it was broken glass on the beach.” Thelma said.

(a horn beeps twice)

“Ok, children, your dad’s here.”

The children hurried to go with their dad, waving goodbye.

“It’s always nice to have the children” Thelma said removing her wig, “but this wig makes my horns sweaty.”

Harold removed his false gums covering his fangs.

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