The Box

“The frequency spectrum of a TV signal contains bursts of energy at harmonic multiples of the horizontal scanning rate. If you were to plot this on a graph it would look a lot like the teeth of a comb.” Harry held a small black comb and bent one of the teeth away from the base to make his point.

“But Harry, it’s just a radio. If this gets out, it will ruin you.”

“No, not just a radio – an inter-dimensional transceiver! There is empty space in the frequency spectrum between the signal bursts – that’s where the audio is transmitted. It’s how they have been trying to communicate with us for God knows how long!”

“The dead are trying to contact us from the other side, Harry? Through our televisions? You can’t be serious about this.”

“Edwin Howard Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio himself, died in 1954 but I have his audio schematics right here! I built this little beauty from what he transmitted last week on my old Magnavox. Now that I have this box, just imagine the possibilities.”

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