"The Police" is a Redneck (15)

I woke up with my face pressed painfully against a rock. “Boy,” I grumbled, “My face and rocks… they seem to come in contact a lot these days…” I sat up slowly, aching slightly from my fall the day before.

“Miss Ava?” I looked up to see Chris standing over near Cirrus, stroking him clumsily. I smiled and went to join him. “So, what should we do?” I said, as Cirrus snuffled at my hair.
Chris laughed. “I suppose we could go to my house. It’s just over the hill there. We could call your parents and get you home.”

“Ok.” I laughed a little to myself. Such a benign conversation- no mention of the guns. Then I stopped laughing abruptly.

“Chris?” Chris turned from where he had been checking to see that the fire was out.
“Um- We did get shot at yesterday, right?”
“Well, I reckon we did. Why?”
“Well, what should we do about it? I mean, should we tell the police?”
Chris laughed. “Darlin’,” he said, “I am the police.”

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