The Writer Makes an Acquaintance

There was a crash for the kitchen, and I put my pen down decisively. “Scooter, what are you doing?”

I pushed myself up with a sigh, and started towards the kitchen. My bare feet made the cedar floor creak underneath them. The wood was cool, and smelled slightly damp. I loved this scent.

As I walked into the designated room, I let out a small cry of dismay. “Oh, Scooter! You greedy feline,” I murmured, and wrenched him off of the counter, where he had latched himself in an effort to get to his beloved treats.

“You’re never going to see these treats again – I’m gonna put them high, really, really high,” I grumbled, and Scooter wriggled to get out of my hands. I frowned. What was making him so jumpy? Scooter lives to be picked up and carried around.

I gave up and let him fall to the floor. He circled my legs and hissed.


A cold hand placed itself on my bare shoulder. My tank top felt awfully revealing at the moment.

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