Perceval is tricky and Esbin is frustrated,

It was not an enthusiastic feelgood atmosphere, that Esbin Drey entered.
“Did you meet with the Vatican envoy?”
“Yes sire,” answered Drey “The Cardinal said the would not be dispatching, help for us.”
“They said you had already received a dragoon attachment led by a very respected Templar.”
“I disbanded them and he is the rogue behind this.”
“I mentioned that sire, and the envoy said even under threat of damnation, he didn’t believe the Templars would challenge Perceval. Much less a dragon.”
The king almost exploded in rage, “There is no frilling Dragon, that is the witches demon magic. There is no Dragon. The next person who says dragon to me will be drawn and quartered.”

Meanwhile back at the rebel camp..
“Sire the Archers have arrived.”
Olgoth turned to Perceval and said, “Arrows cost money.”
Perceval pointed to the chest they had received from the tax collector, who was now in charge of the archers and said, “Money we have.”

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