Epic Failure

Tristan just stared at her.

Now her rage was just starting to show as she stood up, fists ready at her sides.

“Do you know what was on those pieces of paper?!?!” she screamed, her voice tight with rage. Suddenly, she reminded him of a particularly angry bull about to charge him into the ground, nostrils flaring.

Tristan shook his head, shaking at her sudden outburst of emotion, the shock of a fire. His brain couldn’t handle it all!

As he collapsed on to the manicured grass, Renee stood above him, spittle flying as she screamed non-sensical syllables towards him.

It wasn’t until the firemen came to put him on a stretcher and douse the flaming Renee that he understood what she had been repeating over and over.

“Now I’m going to fail my test, dickwad!”

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