Roommates (infamous beginning challenge)

“It was a dark and stormy night.”
No. Too famous.

“It was a calm, quiet evening over a gray placid lake.”
No. Too redundant.

“The last rays of sunlight left the forest dark and cold.”
Nah. But kinda creepy, I might be able to use this.

“Whatcha doing?” my nosy roommate leaned over my shoulder squinting at the screen.
“Writing a Ficlet.”
“Again? That’s, like, all you ever do! Come on, Get Smart is playing at the dollar theater.”
“I don’t feel like comedy.”
“How about Kris’s party? Gonna be hawties there!”
“I just broke up! I can’t go, I’m too depressed!”
“Yeah, you look depressed, in a starving artist, emo, sort of way. Eww! Get a shower and let’s go!”
“I don’t care, somewhere else! You need to get out, live again!”
“I do need a shower, but NO parties! I don’t want to meet new people, or pretend I’m over this breakup, or act happy!”
“Sure, sure, no parties, whatever…”
“You promise?”
“OKAY! geez. I promise!”

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