Perceval's Pledge

“That fancy white armor you wear, the skin of my mother who was a descendant of Tiamat whose body was used to create the Earth, if i see it upon your body again, you will have your chance to be of the line of Beowulf. I don’t think you will fair as well as your ancestor, because i will kill you. I mean it i will burn your soul like the aether that created it. i will unmake you.”
“Well spoken my liege. I understand the pain that must be associated with it.”
“I will believe that, or you could even say your life will no longer be in danger, when the blacksmiths go wake kira, and re-size the armor to fit him.”
BLACKSMITHS !!!!! BRING THEM HERE NOW ” Parceval yelled.

A cynical smile came across Mardy’s lips when she said, “because it would be a shame if you should come out of this revolution unscathed, and Kira would even get a knick.”
“I pledge my life to him my Liege.” Perceval said while kneeling.
“I’ll hold you to that descendant of the dragon slayer.” Mardy said with emotion in her scowl.

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