The Legend of Ã?hasêstse'ó Falls, Part 1 [Epic Poem Challenge]

If you should visit Ã?hasêstse’ó Falls,
When the night sky is a broken diamond,
When the wind cries through the trees,
Chances are you might hear something unexpected:
A voice hidden within wind, words spoken through water.
One heart lost in battle, another drowned deep
Both separated in life, irrevocably joined in death.

Wait and listen patiently,
For this tale requires a ready heart.
It is a story that has been told countless times
Over countless centuries,
But made no less powerful by its recitation.
It tells the tale of Swift Wind and Whispering Willow,
Two ill-fated lovers destined for the other.

Swift Wind was the fastest, the cleverest,
The best loved by far.
His father was the chief and life was good.
He was free to roam prairie and plain,
But while running brought him happiness,
It never satisfied his deep-rooted hunger;
It was a heart-heavy hunger.

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