The Fire Dies.

Mardy crept up to katra’s tent, still not knowing what she would say when the young girl charged her, “I am so glad to meet you meet you Mardy.”
The young girl threw her arms around the dragon’s neck like they were preschool friends united at old age.
“Sweet girl I am Marduke, I am glad to meet you.”
The young girl, was slightly embarrassed at her display when she backed off and replied, “I am sorry my lord, I have just been waiting to meet you because you are so close to Kira.”
“I have been waiting to meet you too, my dear.”
“Is there something wrong with your scales, they look like a bird molting?”
“I will be alright, I am just worried about, Kira,”
“What is wrong with Kira?”
“Nothing, but there will be, I cannot go into detail, because those are the rules of the trial by fire, if he is the pure and gentle heart he will live. He will need you.”

The blacksmiths had finally finished the suit and Kira ran to the tent, that had been set up for Mardy, to show her Beowulf’s armor.

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