Olgoth Sings

The knights rushed the tent to drag the screaming, Kira from
Mardy’s dead body. His hands clutched her scales as the warriors pulled the grieving boy from his friend.
Olgoth looked on in terror as tears streamed down Perceval’s face.
When they finally pulled the boy free from her tent Perceval grabbed the boy and held him close saying, “Death comes to us all young squire.”
The young man’s fist pounded the knight furiously as he screamed, “No she can’t be gone she can’t be!!!”
Katra ran into the brawl and clutched the boy whispering, “Come here Kira she is still with you, be quiet and here her voice.”

That night Kira had to almost be restrained as the vikings filled her tent with chord wood and set it a blaze. Olgoth stood over the fire way closer than any man dared and sang aloud so Marduke’s spirit could find her way home.

Sons die and mother’s cry
Sun’s become black from Shallow lies
The moon blacks out the day time sky
But the gentle heart will always rise
Olgoth’s voice was pure.

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