50 Doors

I realized I was hungry again. So for the first time, I sat down with my backpack to fully investigate its contents. I was much gladdened to find the backpack outfitted for a lengthy hike or trek in the wilderness. Even though it was lightweight, it held some very essential items. I barely took time to wonder why, before putting several things to use. Among other things, several types of trail mix and dehydrated foods were there as well as water. I decided to ration all of it until I could get home or found another source for food and water. I also found a lightweight blanket that could also be used as a water barrier. Some cleansing wipes and some toilet paper were a welcome find. I had no need for the use of the toilet paper yet, but I had no doubt that the need would soon arise. I also found a trash sack to put my former litter in.

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