There Will Be Blood

The following Morning as the troops were gathering for the battle Kira entered the command tent, wearing the white armor still bathed in Mardy’s blood.
“Father where will I be posted?â€?
“Son you will be the one who will hold the signal flags and signal the coordination, of archers and dragoonsâ€?
“Like hell I will, I am going to fight.â€?
“Son listen.â€?
“Listen to nothing!!! I learned everything I need to know about death, there will be some death.â€?
Perceval interupted The two with the announcement that the battle was about to begin because the lines were almost in position.
Perceval who had not heard the conversation, said, “Kira you will ride with my dragoons.â€?
“I won’t loose my son Perceval, He cant even wield our broad swords.â€?
Perceval was carrying a sword in a red velvet case, and held it up saying, “I have brought my lord a sword.â€?
“Cousin if he dies he will not die alone.â€?
“Is there anyone in this army who has not threatened to kill me yet?â€? Perceval said as he helped Kira onto his horse.

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