Fears Rise.

Esbin was surrounded by battle hardened soldiers, any he defended and fought to the edge of life with. He stood next to a barrel of battle axes that he was throwing ata target made for arches, over twenty meters away. Everyone hitting dead center.
“I am not a slave, i was born a free man.â€? He said through clenched teeth as he hurled the twenty pound ax through the air with ease.
“How dare him call me a slave, i fought shoulder to shoulder with Olgoth.â€? He grunted as he hurled another ax that shredded the first stuck in the target.
“Sire The troops are assembled we must ride out on the field to give the brigands our terms.â€?
Esbin mounted the horse and rode towards the center of the battle field.

As Perceval Kira and Olgoth, passed the troops, their faces betrayed their fear. Farmers, mill workers, blacksmiths, acting like soldiers, but terrified. They believed in Kira and Mardy but now Mardy was gone.

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