Kira's Rage

When the officer’s reached the center of the field, Farafez the Saracen brother of Pereceval, rode next to Kira, and handed him the sword wrapped in velvet.
As Kira opened it he noticed that it was a small Japanese katana.
“What manner of sword is this? This won’t kill anything.â€?
“Sire this sword came from the east, it is called the Dragon Slayer.â€? Farafez replied quietly.
Kira’s rage boiled, if his armor had not been so complete, they would have seen the boy’s viens become ropes.
He ground his teeth so hard blood began to flow into his mouth as he drew the sword. The boys hands held the blade so tight blood began to leak from under his fingernails.
Finally the boys jaw caused his incisor tooth to sheer off before he screamed, “This blade was used to kill dragons,

The boy leapt across to Drey’s horse and cleaved off his right arm before charging into the opposing forces infantry, slicing through bone like butter.
The peasants charged the field like Spartans.

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