Katra's Love

Katra dug among the ashes until she found a sizable scale shard, razor sharp on it’s edge. Tears ran down her face as she felt the dragon’s hope, respect, and love flow into her. She cut her wrist. Blood began running down, dripping down to the gray remains. She walked up and down the pyre, letting it drain, along with her fear.
It’s not enough. I need you, Katra. Kira needs you. You know what you have to do.
Katra lay down and hugged the ashes, arms outspread. She saw in her mind Kira, fighting with the dragon again, the King’s armies falling away in waves under the dragon’s fire breath. She saw Kira victorious, happy. She turned herself over to face the starless sky. She held the scale shard up in front of her.
Suddenly a single moonbeam shone down on the scale. Marduke’s face smiled out of it at Katra like a reflection. You will be honored and revered, forever.
Then with Marduke’s strength and the power of Katra’s love, she plunged the shard deep into her heart.
The clouds covered the moon again.

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