The pyre began glowing, Katra’s body illuminated in the light. It got brighter and brighter until people stumbled out from their tents to see what had awakened them.
“Katra!â€? a woman’s voice wailed, “NO!â€?
The light seemed to raise Katra’s body from the pyre, then got so bright the outline of it faded and all watching had to close their eyes.
A loud reptilian roar pierced the night, causing people to peek from behind their eyelids. They saw a huge, red dragon, fully grown, impressive in its stance, it’s bony frill and spiky tail.
“Marduke?â€? Some villager ventured.
“Yes. I have risen! True love has brought me back to save my rider!â€?
Giant wings flapped powerfully and muscular legs pushed off the ground. Marduke flew off to seek out her rider, battling somewhere without her.
“My Katra,â€? her mother said tearfully, “She was so brave!â€?
“Come my dear, we’ll honor her in the morning,â€? a very tired, but wise village friend grabbed her elbow and led her back to her tent.
The others slowly went back to their beds, too.

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