The Writer Ruins the Moment

I frowned, taking in the information slowly. “Isn’t that a girl’s name?”

My face turned sour when I realized I had made him laugh again. I must be quite entertaining.

I took the moment as an advantage, and studied him in the brief flashes of lightning that streaked through the window.


Now I had a name for a face. I had expected his name to be something like Lance or Devon. I was proved wrong. Well, it certainly suited those eyes of his.

Suddenly, something rubbed up against my ankle, and I shot up in surprise.

When Scooter mewed, I relaxed immediately. I picked him up, like a mother would hoist her child, and let his weight lean against my waist.

“Uh…you should be going back to sleep,” I told him, trying to ignore Scooter’s attempts to wrap around my neck. “Your fever hasn’t gone down yet. You really wouldn’t like it flaring up again.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“I’d save the sarcasm for the morning,” I said, turning my back on Raine. I walked back to my room. “You’re gonna need it.”

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