Epic Results

Now our Epic Challenge is o’er
The results to read were hardly a bore!
I had eleven to choose from,
I couldn’t pick just one
So I chose eight that went up & o’er

Out of the bunch, there was one Haiku
And this one sure made me swoon
With bananas and nonsense
To me it only made sense
to say Oy, here’s to you!

I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of dialect
And this next poet is one we’d all expect
With The Ballad of Limpy McPhanger
THX sure isn’t a stranger
To success This one I just had to select

Tom Henry, by John Perkins, takes the cake
For an epic with a fantastic take
On a family curse
I hope no one’ll curse
At this choice that I make

Tragedy haunts every victory
In Victory March, we get that backstory.
By Russel Ruffino
Brought in by El Nino
It’s a great poem, don’t be contradictory

Krulltar spins a yarn, Mandara’s
with story of love so clara
It was of the purest kind
Touching the mind
And the heart, Couldn’t be more clara

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