Joey and Sparks, part 2

“Jesus fuck,” said Officer Jones as he ducked behind his squad car.

Joey the Super Baby struck the sidewalk in front of the convenience store like a meteor. The landing blew out a crater a few feet deep, the shockwave and wash of debris shattering windows and battering parked cars.

Sparks arrived a heartbeat later, the little flying Welsh Corgi throwing off a spidery plasma-ball of electrical arcs that set power lines aflame and burst streetlights in his wake.

Jones’ shelter was abruptly gone, as Joey toddled over to grab the man’s Crown Vic by the frame. Giggling, he hurled it into the storefront. In mid-flight, Sparks cast a stream of electricity at the rear of the car, igniting the gas tank and setting off an explosion inside the building.

Jones was flung across the street, mercifully clear of flame and shrapnel. Nothing must’ve been broken – he was running before he realized it, fleeing down an alley as the pair demolished the block behind him.

“I need backup!” screamed the policeman into his radio.

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