The waiting

She could not move even the slightest, He made sure of that. Not that she even wanted to move. Which one would it be this time, she wondered? The crop, the cane or the flogger? Or would it be something entirely new this time? The delicious anticipation was almost as good as the pain and pleasure she got from the actual act itself.

She heard him walk into place by her side. He placed his soft hands on her soft and round ass. Those soft hands were capable of inflicting both pleasure and pain in turn, sometimes at the same time. He caressed her, determined to give her both extremes of sensation before He was finished for the night.

She moaned in pleasure as well as fear because she knew what would come when his hands moved away. He whispered in her ear, “You are mine, now and forever”, and then slowly moved his hands away, leaving her shivering…

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