A Million ficlets and old timers.(Dream Challenge)

A fossilized lifeless body sits in front of a computer in a wheel chair with his beard all tangled in the wheels while an old witch tries to use hedge clippers to cut it out of the wheels.
“What are you doing, witch?”
“I’m not a witch i’m your wife.”
“Wait isnt that from Duece Bigalow, i hate that movie.”
The witch replies, “It’s from princess bride you illiterate old codger.”
“Oh i love that movie.”
“I thought you was dead again.”
“I told you i aint gonna die till i write my one millionth ficlet. Where is Chakatreatmentson?”
“She is in the next room.”
“How long is that old Serb gonna freeload off us.”
Out of the side of the room a phone book hits the ancient relic and the Serb replies,”I only moved here because you got me drunk and stole my kidney twenty years ago.”
“Just like a woman always making excuses.”

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