A Much Appreciated (But Unreadable) Comment

Mrs. Bennett looked at the screen, and then turned her amber gaze to me. She mewled in disappointment.
I sighed, and stroked her white head.

“I know,” I said, and took a quick glance at the monitor myself. “Isn’t it such a lonely, empty space without comments?”

Mrs. Bennett gave another meow, and latched herself to my shoulder, trying to turn herself into a scarf for my neck.

I pried her off, and put her down.

I clicked my Ficlets profile…still no comments.

Mrs. Bennett tilted her head at me, as she always does; she seemed to have picked up on my negative feelings.

I scrolled down the page, my knuckles rapping against each other as I clicked the mouse and tried to juggle an impatient cat with one hand.

Mrs. Bennett leapt onto the keyboard, her paws typing out a garble of letters.

“What are you doing?” I asked my cat, and picked her up from the keyboard.

But it wasn’t before she pressed the enter button, and submitted her illegible comment.

I looked at her again.

“Thank you for the critique.”

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