Unknown Ahead

The King ushered us out the only exit, pushing James and I through first. We jumped out and ran. Somehow, James and I seemed to know exactly where we were going, and the others trailed behind us.

When we came to the river, James and I turned west automatically. Dailey, Angela, and their father hesitated.

“James, Anya..” Dailey called. We skidded to a stop and turned simutaniously to look at them with bewildered expressions on our faces. “There isn’t anything but acres and acres of wild that way…”

“Yes, there is. Please, trust us. I can’t explain it but we need to go this way!” James yelled while I nodded my agreement, both of us desperate to get as far away from the castle as possible.

The other three exchanged a skeptical glance with each other but took off to catch up with us. We turned and dashed off again into the woods.

James saw it first, and soon the rest of us had stopped as we stared up at it.

“Wow…” Angela breathed.

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