FICBLOG: Challenge Update

Seeing as Ficlets is now flooded with challenges, I figured it would be great if there was a nice guide.

The Best Friend Challenge! We all have them, now write about them!

The Cross-Gendered Challenge! All right, guys and gals. Show us just how much you can think like the opposite gender!

The Infamous Beginning Challenge! Start a ficlet with the infamous beginning, “It was a dark and stormy night…”

The Diabolically Villainous Challenge! Write about some of the scariest people you can imagine!

Revisit an Old Ficlet! Find one of your old stand-alone ficlets and add a sequel or prequel! (And possibly win a prize!)

Personal Fantasy Challenge! Write about your biggest wish come true!

The Family Challenge! Make .:band baby:. laugh by writing about a hilarious family moment!

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