Goodnight Irene(Doc4)

John ask Frank to name all the diamonds in a deck of cards, as he cranked opened the valve on the nitrous oxide. Frank counted quickly, then slowed until he was asleep.

John hummed Goodnight Irene as he went about his work of pulling teeth. Frank had a lot of teeth, and it was hard work pulling them. Several times John had to stop and rest his hands.

It took John almost an hour to extract all of Franks teeth. Afterward, still humming, Doc John gathered the yellowing teeth and placed them in the center of the table. Then he dealt out two hands of cards and left them face down across from each other on the small table.

John washed up and tidied himself before a mirror. He replaced the pistol from the desk to the instrument case, and snapped it shut. He donned his bowler, glanced around the office once more, then picked up the valise and walked out the door.

Whistling a tune John crossed the dusty street, went behind the saloon and climbed aboard the train.

“All aboard,” the conductor called.

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