This is college <3

I was already trashed by the time we made it to DP but what are ya gonna do? It was the weekend before spring quarter and my senioritis had been itching pretty strong. I couldn’t get work off for spring break and everybody else partied on in Tijuana without me, so the weekend they all got back was a huge relief for me.

Luckily, Alan was already there when I arrived at the party, or else I would’ve been mauled by drunk girls. Well, I was doing my fair share of mauling, I guess, clinging to my boyfriend and all, but even then all the fag hags just couldn’t get enough of it.

I saw Maria a few yards off and yelled for her. The music was too loud, not that I cared, in my condition. Finally, someone nearby nudged her and pointed at me. When she turned, I waved her to come over.

In my drunk mind I thought it’d be a great idea to introduce my ex-girlfriend to Alan.

In retrospect, I don’t think she ever realized I was gay, even after we had broken up. Oops.

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