“Wanna shot?” I yelled over at her. She still hadn’t budged from her spot. She said something to her friend, all the while keeping her eyes on me. She finally headed over.

“I’m Maria,” she said, extending her hand toward Alan. He took it and introduced himself. When she didn’t let go, he glanced at me, not that I was paying that much attention; I was flipping off some dude on the balcony for something, not sure.

“Good, good, fine,” I said. I tugged on Alan’s hand. “Let’s get a shot with Maria.”

She still had Alan’s hand and the fact finally registered in my brain. “What are you guys doing? Let’s go inside,” I said.

“This is my house, Steve,” Maria said. “You’re inviting me to take shots of my own alcohol.” She finally let go. “Who do you know here?”

“Oh shit!” I said. “When did you move?”

She repeated the question, this time to Alan, who was more coherent, I guess. At this point, I think Maria kicked us out.

Fucking invite only parties. Whatever, the cops busted in right after we left anyway. Fuck her.

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