Tall Tales (Dream Challenge)

“Gramps we have been standing out here all day, just to get this lady’s autograph.” The little girl complains.
“Yeah i am going to prove to everyone once and for all i really did know her when.”
“Gramps is this one of those stories like you rode a bicycle 1600 miles in twelve days.”
The old grandfather got a glimpse of the screenwriting mogul as she pushed through the crowd surrounded by bodyguards.
In the midst of a supernova of camera flashes, as ten thousand people crowded outside of Man’s Chinese Theatre, the star paused like she heard the voice of a ghost from some other life.
ELSHA !!” The old man screamed.
The starlet froze, as did the grandchild, who was starting to believe that maybe he did know her.
April thought to herself, “Could it be my old pal Mighty Joe?”
“Mrs. April we can’t stop here we’ll be mobbed.” The bodyguard advised.
The star walked in the theatre and the little girl thought, “Just another tall tale.”

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