Last Day Bets

I’ve got one day to finish the bet. I have to go through with it. No matter what happens, i HAVE to FINISH the bet…


How can I go in front of all those people and… and…

I can’t even say it… Will someone just take my life, now! PLEASE !?!

“Do it!” my friend pleaded.

“No!” I scream, stomping my foot.

“You promised.”

“And evidently, you didn’t see me cross my fingers behind my back.” I stuck my tongue out at her and looked away.

“Please, please, please????” she pleaded, “It’s the last day of school! The seniors will be gathering over there, and you know that if you do this, your reputation…”

“Will sky rocket upside down.” I shook my head, “Nope, nope, nope.”

“But you promised…” she pouted, her big blue eyes widening.

I huffed, “FINE… but we aren’t showing our faces in this school…EVER…again.”

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