The Rahma Lahma Ding Dong(Who F@#$ed Ficlets? a challenge)

Men come and go from the dig site,with their purple turbins and jeweled head pieces gleam in the sunlight, like the battery indicator on the cherry two thousand.
“Dr. Young we have a message from the overlord.”
“Fuct the overlord, we are about to arm the Rahma Lama Ding Dong, then we will raise the soul of Allie Rahlla Bahlla, then i will be the overlord.”

Far away in the brain trust of the underground, men are having a time travel briefing.
“Ok this is how it works, everything happens in a certain time window. Had you not been writing when you were ,you would have written something else. Had you not been humping you might have discovered the cure for mesothelioma. So we are going to go back in time and prevent Dr. Mississippi Young from discovering the Rahma lama Ding Dong.”
“You mean like Time Bandits or Terminator.”
“No you idiots like Ice Pirates, accept without the space herpies. He would have never written his greatest story if ficlets were broke in July 08, and he wouldn’t have the cash to dig”

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