Lu Bai-lynn

Lu Bai-lynn was born in hard times, deep in the mountains of northern Shu providence. Lu himself was born as a second son. The fortune teller told a tale of riches and fame. His parents swallowed the line. Lu, was sold into a life of slavery which was to a traveling band of merchants.
After many years, having been thru ‘servant school’ to tie others clothes, to shine their shoes, and keep their books. His calligraphy was always lacking, at times his manners would completely fail him. Lu was hired out as a bookkeeper where he made his owners much in the ways of finding flaws in other’s books. As such, Lu was exposed to many, many different aspects of life in China. Western China at first, and when he could Lu moved northeast. There he found honorable employment from the monks. Where he was tutored in the arts of the monks. Adopting the Blue robes, he soon started having dreams of Dragons.

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