Angry Writer Part Two (Who F@#$ed Ficlets Challenge)

“Oh right sir.”
“Now, if there isn’t anymore stupid questions let’s get to work.”

He sits at the very dusty desk and turns on the computer. Taking out a disk, he inserts it into the computer.

“Virus will infiltrate in one minute,” chirps the computer. The leader laughs evilly and leans back on the chair as it counts down.
“Thirty seconds until virus infiltration”

Suddenly, there was a bang on the door signaling that someone was coming. Sirens blare from outside.

“Oh crap!” yells the leader as he stands up. A shot rings out and they all crouch to the ground. Someone bangs on the door again.
“Police, open the door!”
No one answers so he bangs harder

“Ten seconds until virus infiltration.”

The policeman knocks down the door and grabs the leader.
“Five, four, three, two, one… Virus infiltrated.”
The leader laughs evilly and the policeman looks at the computer.
“What did you do!?” The policeman yells into the man’s ear.

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