Angry Writer Part Three (Who F@#$ed Ficlets Challenge)

The leader just keeps laughing as other policemen come in and arrest everyone. As they walk out, they step over one of there men lying on the floor. The laughing continues as he is sent into the police car and as the car drives away.

In the morning, investigators arrive on the scene and so does the leader of AOL himself, Mr. Hotshot.

“It seems he infiltrated a virus using this disk,” Said the investigator. He hands Mr. Hotshot the disk that has the label of “The Ouch Virus”.
“The Ouch Virus!? What?”
The investigator sits on by the computer and point to the screen, “It sends this from any ficlets location.” The investigator points to the screen.
“Huh,” mumbles Mr. Hotshot.
A tech walks in to start working on it. Mr Hotshot stops him,” No, leave down the site for ten days so that it will seem like a glitch. None of you tell anyone one of this or you are all fired!” The word fired rings across the room and he walks out like nothing happened. Leaving the site to what became known as ‘The Dark Age’.

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