The Blue Sparrow's Dream (Dream Challenge)

The Blue Sparrow sits inside her car with her friend Mighty Joe Young. She is trying to pull out of a parallel park. BANG ! the car shakes as she hits the car behind her. The Blue Sparrow puts it into drive and BANG the car shakes again as she hits the car in front of her.

“Could you please just stop…?â€? Says Mighty Joe Young as he shakes his head.
“Never!” Yells The Blue Sparrow as she takes out her sword of Ficletdom. “I need to learn how to drive! How am I ever going to go save people if LoA goes south?”
“Sheesh, that will never happen,” Says Eddie. He taps the sword, “Just put that away, you don’t want to kill anyone.”
She sighs and puts the sword away.
“How am I ever going to achieve my life long dream of driving without ever hitting anyone?”
Eddie laughs. The Blue Sparrow glares and puts it into drive and turns out of the parking spot.
“I did it!” Screams The Blue Sparrow.
“Crap!” Bang! She hits a biker and he slides up the car then falls to the ground.

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