Awkward Questions

Before we knew it, the night was coming to an end. Just as everyone began to leave, I looked out the window. “You guys, the press is here.”

Joe laughed, “Let’s give them an interview.”

They began shouting questions at us as we left the building. The boys went up to a woman holding a microphone.

She immediately began drilling them, “Boys, is it true that the purity rings that you wear signify that you must stay virgins until marriage?”

“Yes,” they all answered.

“And do you follow those rules?”

“Ofcourse,” said Joe. “We have very high standards.”

The interviewer suddenly turned the microphone to Wesley and I. “And, girls, what’s it like to be dating these amazing brothers? How do you feel about their ‘high standards’?”

“We believe in everything they do, as far as relationships go,” Wes replied coldly.

“Emily,” the interviewer addressed me, “the rumor is that you and Nick were spotted kissing outside the hotel tonight. Is he a good kisser? How many boys have you kissed before him?”

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