The Battle Begins

The fighting was intense. Kira had lost sight of Olgoth almost as soon as it had begun. His anger colored everything. His muscles moved without him even thinking about it. He just felt anger, red, and hot. The intensity of the emotion heightened his senses. He saw weapons coming toward him almost in slow motion and was able to block the blows and gut the attacker. When he had cleared a space in the field, he looked for Perceval, or Olgoth. Perceval was holding off at least five men, but Olgoth was no where to be seen.
Kira began to fight his way towards where he thought Olgoth must be. As he plunged into the melee, a volley of arrows came out of nowhere and one pierced his armpit where the dragonscale armor wasn’t covering him while his arm was raised in a swing.
Caught by surprise, he missed the next block and took a club in the chest armor, and though it didn’t pierce, the force was so great, it winded him. He went down.
As he was falling he was hoping this was it, he wanted to die, to be with Marduke.

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