Retreat Back to Camp

Kira came out of his stupor and looked bewildered at his Dad. This was the Dad he remembered, not Olgoth the warrior, no. The Dad who knew exactly what he was feeling, could read him. He had thought that Dad was gone.

“How’d you know?”
“Son, I went through the same emotions in the dungeons, and while hauling dirt in the service of that bastard! I had lost you! I wanted to die.”
“Dad, I..”
“Son, let’s go get that wound taken care of.” Olgoth supported Kira as they left the battlefield, winding around the bodies. He occasionally picked up an extra arrow or weapon as they went.

When they arrived at camp, they went into the medical care tent. Olgoth laid Kira on a mat. A woman began removing the armor and yanked the arrow head out. Kira cursed, but laid back and allowed her to clean it.

It was then he thought of Katra. He expected her to come running to his side any minute. He closed his eyes. He relaxed as he thought about how she had become a fixture in his life, a welcome friend. She loved Marduke, too.

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