Prove it.

“I’m a vampire.”

“You’re what?” The look on her face was one of utter disbelief.


“Yeah, I heard you…” She could have sprung off the bed. “You’re like some serial killer, right?”

“No…well, maybe, sort of.” He gave a dorky smile, trying to joke with her. “I’m being entirely honest with you! I mean, how long have we been seeing each other, Cristine?”

“Six months.” Crissy sighed. “Prove it.”

Kenneth sat up. “Look, I love you and I would do anything to prove that I’m not a serial killer.”

“Where are your fangs?”

“Well, vampires can’t show their fangs when they don’t need them.” Crissy rolled her eyes. “What about my skin? And eyes?”

“Ken I’m not impressed. You look normal.”

He sighed, in sudden desperate determination. “Hm, well..” He took a piece of the certain that lined the window behind him and pulled it back, his face twitching in pain as the skin on his kucnkles charred and began to peal away.

“Kenneth!” Cristine yelped and wrenched his hand away from the light.

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