Children are dead

Why do you feel upset in the summertime when children are dead? is it the fact that people don’t care who you are? or can it be because you are also dead, lying in the tall long grass with a half- tattered shirt on and a button fly pant at your waist. You can no longer bear the fact that you were once them, and you despise yourself of dignity. ill tell you that you do matter, will that cheer you up? will it make you rise again, and see your no fool? i can tell you, you can do great things, and be anybody you want. If i do do that, then aren’t i a dead child too? the answer is yes my dear, you can’t help the fact that your soul is green with yellow spots churning up the inside of you self inflicting body that grows inside you. so i give you this, be yourself, go , love, serve others, in the way that he would treat you. but remember in the summertime, that you were once a arrogant little one as soon to be a great ambassador of the world. goodnight.

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